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Support For Black Women & Black Transgender Women 
(Legal, Community, Family, Work) 
Please reach out to BLACK WOMEN UNITED 
https://www.bwunited.ca/ or select logo for direct link to webpage


Support For LGBTQ2S+ Persons (Work, DE&I, Support & Advice ) 
Please reach out to Terra Firma Transition Consulting 
https://www.terrafirmatransition.com/  Or select logo for direct link to webpages

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Support for BIPoC & PoC Persons (Work, DE&I, Training, Support & Advice ) 
Please reach out to  The Canadian Centre for Diversity & Equity
https://ccdi.ca/ Or select logo for direct link to webpage


Support for Asians  (Anti-Asian Racism Resources) 
Please reach out to ACCT Foundation
https://acctfoundation.ca/ Or select logo for direct link to webpage


Support for Women In STEM  (Resources, Training & Connections) 
Please reach out to Women in Science, Engineering, Trades & Technology (WinSETT)
https://winsett.ca/ Or select logo for direct link to webpage


Our World is in a drastically different place than when AVE Network started in 2014.  When this organization started, under represented groups in STEM had very few places to go to for advice & support to grow their careers.  STEM professionals wanted truth & actionable advice, not inspiration to take them to the next phase of their career & lives.  AVE Network functioned discreetly to try and provide the best education we could find to support our peers who were struggling with challenges in their jobs, career & life.  Now, due to two important historical events, the Covid-19 Pandemic & the George Floyd murder, support for under represented STEM professionals can evolve. AVE Network will now humbly close this chapter of advocacy to make way for new & direct ways to provide support. If you are here needing to connect with someone, below are some resources that can help you. As well, keep an eye out for future advocacy work that AVE Network's Board Members will certainly do to support our under represented STEM peers in the future.