WinSTEM Speaker: Evelyne Nyairo

September 24, 2018

Join AVE Network on October 9th as we participate in AWSN's WinSTEM Week!  


AVE Network is happy to host Evelyne Nyairo as our 2018 WinSTEM Speaker.  


Seize this opportunity to chat one on one with the Founder of popular natural skin care line Ellie Bianca and President of environmental companies LuceVerde Inc. and AB EnviroSolutions. Evelyne will be sharing her experiences and tips on successfully being a single mother and managing 3 companies!


AVE Network Speaker Series provide a casual and comfortable environment to get to know our feature speaker and ask them your own questions!




More About Our Speaker:









Founder of Ellie Bianca, Evelyne Nyairo, moved from Kenya to Canada on her own at age 16. Full of ambition, optimism and courage, Evelyne paid her way through university and graduated with an M.Sc.  and P.Biol.


Now the president of LuceVerde Inc. and AB EnviroSolutions, Evelyne found inspiration while working on an oil and gas project in Chad, Africa. Evelyne’s deep desire and passion to bring change to the world – specifically change for the women of the world, led her to create all natural, luxury skincare brand Ellie Bianca.   


With over fifteen years’ experience working globally in Environment and Social Sustainability plus, Stakeholder Engagement, Nyairo has developed key relationships that allow her to source sustainable and ethical ingredients of the highest quality.   


Proud mother, avid runner & juicing connoisseur, Nyairo continues to make a powerful difference every day.  


 About LuceVerde Inc.


LuceVerde Inc. is an international environmental consulting firm with over three decades in both the environmental and oil & gas industry. LuceVerde ascribes to a philosophy of preventative risk identification, sustainable resource development and cost-effective management while directing, supporting and managing various industrial projects. Our team of environmental professionals focuses on delivering innovative environmental solutions that exceed the diverse needs of our clients, both domestically and internationally. Actively applying extensive and varied environmental knowledge, technical specialty, as well as multiple years of industrial and consulting experience, LuceVerde excels at providing dedicated attention to projects.







About EnviroSolutions

Established in 2009, AB EnviroSolutions is an international environmental consulting firm offering over 35 years of extensive experience in managing numerous environmental and oil and gas projects. It is our goal to provide expertise throughout project life cycles, from site selection and regulatory approvals through to decommission and reclamation. We strongly value and build upon collaboration with partner consulting firms and environmental specialists to offer a multi-disciplinary range of customizable high-quality services with desirable project outcomes.   








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